Multimedia Studio Art

Multimedia Studio Art
Dates: 9/14-12/14
Wednesdays 10am-11am
Ages 10-18
Tuition: $150 Drop ins: $15 per class

This hands-on class will emphasize materials, the experience of making art, and the importance of authenticity. Materials introduced will include charcoal, ink, watercolor, and tempera.


Week 1: September 14: figure drawing. Each student will take turns modeling; we learn to draw from the shoulder on 18″x 24″ newsprint paper with charcoal.

Week 2: September 21: still life in charcoal on charcoal paper. Students will begin to think about composition.

Week 3: September 28: still life in watercolor on watercolor paper. Continuing development of ideas of composition.

Week 4: October 5: Intro to Constructing 3D Forms. Explore range of techniques for working with cardboard.  Tools and materials: Cardboard [corrugated and cereal-box type], pencil, eraser, metal ruler [minimum 15” long], tape measure, scissors, exacto knife, utility knife, white glue, tape, hot glue gun and hot glue sticks.

Week 5: October 19: Wearable Sculpture Part 1. Measure for and construct wearable armature.

Week 6: October 26: Wearable Sculpture Part 2. Add bulk and character details, option to paint.

Week 7: November 2: Translation of 2D into 3D. Construction of geometric and planar forms.

Week 8: November 9: Interiors in ink and ink wash.

Week 9: November 16: Interiors large scale in black tempera on white paper

Week 10: November 30: Figure drawing from old master drawings

Week 11: December 7: portraits

Week 12: December 14: still life watercolor

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About the instructor:
Kathy Moss has taught visual arts in many schools, from Middle Schools, to Colleges, to Senior centers. She works in multiple mediums and her work can be seen at

Weeks 4-7 with Jill Reynolds