Dates: 9/13-12/13, 2016
NOTE: This is a 2-hour class
Tuesdays 1pm-3pm Ages 5-9
Tuition: $294

This 12-week class focuses on the intersection of art and science. With individual and group projects as the foundation, students will be engaged in study of three major areas: art and ecology; art and physical science; and art and chemistry. Journals will be used to make notes and drawings, formulate questions and hypotheses, and record results of class experiments.

During the art and ecology unit, we’ll learn about ecosystems and patterns found in nature. We’ll look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy as inspiration for creating our own works of art that incorporate nature, and examine the human impact on the environment. Possible projects include paper making from recycled materials and creating art from found objects.

In our study of art and physical science, we’ll learn about energy, force and velocity as we build and experiment with structures such as marble runs and kinetic sculptures. We’ll look at the mobiles and sculptures of Alexander Calder to understand how art can be informed by principles of physics.

In our final unit, art and chemistry, we’ll learn about states of matter and simple chemical reactions as we create dynamic works of art. We’ll discover how bubbles are formed, examine their structure and geometrical patterns, and make bubble prints. We’ll experiment with a variety of everyday substances to observe different states of matter, and cause chemical reactions!

*STEAM is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics


About the instructor: 

Kate Daley is an artist and educator who has taught art, science and social studies to children of all ages and abilities in public and private schools, museums and other cultural institutions throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley. She received a B.A. in Studio Art and English Literature from Binghamton University and continued her studies in visual art at the New York Studio School. Kate received an M.S.Ed. in Museum Education from Bank Street College.