Fall 2016 Classes


We have a great line-up of classes for the Fall 2016 session, and a few changes to share this year:
Sessions will be in 12-week series this year to provide students with an opportunity to go deeper in their subjects. Drop-ins are still available when there is space.
Classes for 5-9 year-olds will be held on Tuesdays from 9:40am-3pm, with a community lunch at 12. There will be some toddler programming offered for the 4 and under crowd simultaneously during parts of the day, including paid classes with Compass Arts and low-fee drop-off playgroups with RHH. Tuesday classes run 9/13 – 12/13, with days off for Election Day (11/8) and Thanksgiving (11/22.)
Classes for 10-18 year-olds will be held on Wednesdays from 10am-4pm. Wednesday classes run 9/14-12/14, with days off for Yom Kippur (10/12) and Thanksgiving (11/23.)
 – If there is a need for a make-up class at the end of the session, it will most likely be scheduled for the week after classes officially end. We will contact you via email to confirm.
– All hour-long classes will cost $12.50/hour, or $150 for a 12-week session, with drop-ins costing $15/class when space allows. This covers paying our excellent teachers and the generously low rate for our space.

Registration is open! Please contact us if you have any questions or issues registering! Links to more detailed syllabi for each class coming soon.

Tuesday Classes, ages 5-9 Wednesday Classes, ages 10-18
Living Things Move: 10-11am
Cuéntame: Spanish Language: 11am-12pm
Lunch: 12-1pm
Mad Science/Mad Art: 1pm-3pm (FULL)
STEAM* Lab: 1pm-3pm
Multimedia Studio Art: 10am-11am
Philosophy: 11am-12pm
Lunch: 12-1pm
Siendo Nos: Spanish: 1-2pm
Art + Story; Comic Making: 2pm-3pm

Living Things Move
In this class we will explore the evolution of movement in living things through the medium of dance.

Can you move like a bacteria? Like a plant? Are there movements that a grasshopper can make that you cannot? In this class we will learn the biological definition of life and get a sense of the vast diversity of living things on the planet. We will also learn some basic building blocks of choreography and performance, and construct dances influenced by the diverse modes of movement present on earth.
Ages 5-9 with Tara Vamos
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Mad Science/Mad Art (FULL)
Join us for a twelve-week exploration of four topics, which we will study through science activities and art explorations. Each two-hour session we will blend observation, experimentation, written expression, and visual art. Students will keep scientist/artist notebooks for gathering observations, jotting analogies, and documenting discoveries. We will also use a wide variety of art materials as our scientific findings inspire creative processes. Topics covered will include Chromatography, Water Science, Vertebrate Coverings, and the Sensorial World!
Ages 5-9 with Ilana Friedman
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This course offers an introduction to Spanish through storytelling. We will employ music and collaging as our medium throughout the session and look to Latin American Art movements for inspiration. The group will use recycled materials to create a surrealist inspired work on paper for auto biographical exploration, and will investigate the importance of storytelling through movement.

Class members will examine descriptions of the ‘self’ by conjugating the verbs SER/ESTAR, practice color and quantity vocabulary, and work on salutations and directions. Cuéntame will be a space to experience language as a cultural phenomenon, providing literacy not solely based on translation from English to Spanish, but by connecting Spanish with your child’s personal narrative, to create a vocabulary through experience and observations.
Ages 5-9 with Lisa Marie Martinez
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This 12-week class focuses on the intersection of art and science. With individual and group projects as the foundation, students will be engaged in study of three major areas: art and ecology; art and physical science; and art and chemistry. Journals will be used to make notes and drawings, formulate questions and hypotheses, and record results of class experiments.

*STEAM is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics
Ages 5-9 with Kate Daley
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In this course, students learn to do philosophy by engaging in extended critical discourse with their peers on many of the traditional questions of the Western philosophical tradition.   In each session, we will focus on the philosophical questions presented in a short passage that we will read together.  Students will then be asked to elaborate on these issues, to take positions, and formulate and evaluate arguments in an effort to better understand the scope and depth of the issue and its relevance to everyday life.  Topics will include traditional issues of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics, introducing students to questions such as “Are numbers real?” “What does it mean to know something?” “What exists in a world without sentient beings?” and “Can we know that killing is wrong?”  We will focus on developing the skills and dispositions needed for critical, caring, and creative thinking through regular philosophical practice in a social context.  There will be no mandatory writing or exams, but rather a consistent emphasis on learning how to engage in extended and substantive intellectual discourse.
Ages 10-18 with Dan Fisherman
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Siendo Nos
Siendo nos (literally translates to “to be being us” or “it is us”) is a 12 week introductory level Spanish class for tweens and teens to learn basic Spanish conversation skills within a culturally and historically relevant context. Students will learn introductions and greetings and how to give basic personal information, how to express likes and dislikes, and how to make basic orders/purchases and ask for directions. We will discuss colloquial terms and meanings and take a look at the use of slang and accents in various settings. We will also examine Mexican street food and music and the role they have in youth culture today. Students will be encouraged to engage in conversations and group work in as much Spanish as possible and will be given weekly assignments to investigate or try out new vocabulary.  This class will be a space for students to experiment with language and how to describe what is like “being us”.
Ages 10-18 with Lisa Marie Martinez
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Art + Story; Comic Making
This class is meant to encourage creativity as well as understand of narrative. Each student will make their own comic using a method Deb has developed that allows kids to learn how to create a story in fun way. They will each come up with a small problem that they will draw on the first panel of a small accordion-folded book, receiving individual and group support to turn that problem into a bigger problem to which their character must respond and then an even bigger problem until a climax occurs. Ideas will be tossed around about how to end the story. Or how to have a surprise ending. Panels of book can be added or deleted to make the story stronger encouraging kids to think about what they need to show for the viewer to understand the story. Drawing skills are appreciated, but not needed.

Each week we will use comics to tell stories. Some classes will be devoted to turning a traditional story into a comic at the same time figuring out and learning the narrative structure. We will also use a non-fiction event to make a comic. We will make a comic based on real life. We will make a comic based on history. We might even make a comic based on math!
Ages 10-18 with Deb Lucke
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Multimedia Studio Art
This hands-on class will emphasize materials, the experience of making art, and the importance of authenticity. Materials introduced will include charcoal, ink, watercolor, and tempera. More detailed description coming soon.
Ages 10-18 with Kathy Moss
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