Winter 2017 Classes

Great new classes coming up starting January 3rd and 4th! Our winter session will be 12 weeks long, ending March 21st and 22nd, with the exception of our new Rigamajig Lab which will run in two 6-week sessions.

Tuesday Classes, ages 5-9 Wednesday Classes, ages 10-18
Rigamajig STEAM Lab: 10:30am-12pm
Lunch: 12-1pm
Mad Science/Mad Art: 1pm-3pm
NEW! Afternoon Rigamajig STEAM Lab: 1:15pm-2:45pm
Multimedia Studio Art: 10am-11am
Philosophy: 11am-12pm
Lunch: 12-1pm
Intro to Law:  1-2pm
Intro to Architecture: 2pm-3:30pm

Rigamajig STEAM Lab
New! Join us for an hour and a half of facilitated STEAM-based free play with Rigamajig, a large-scale building kit designed by Cas Holman in collaboration with NYC’s High Line, early childhood educators, woodworkers, and children.

This collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope allows children to follow their curiosity through play while learning 21st century skills. There are no right or wrong answers; the act of playing and building is the goal, not the finished product.

See the youtube video for more on Rigamajig

Ages 5-9. Facilitated by Rebekah Azzarelli
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Mad Science/Mad Art 
This winter, Mad Science:Mad Art invites you to  float, stretch, swing, and fling. Our twelve-weeks together will take a physics focus. We’ll search for center of gravity as we strike teetering poses and create Calder-esque mobiles. We’ll build marshmallow-launching catapults and slingshots that transfer our potential energy into kinetic creativity. What does a grandfather clock have in common with a swing set? Let’s use their common tie to make designs in sand and on paper. Half-way into our studies we’ll embark on a deep exploration into bridge engineering, drawing strength from tension and trusses, and building models to probe at our understanding. We’ll end with the age-old egg drop challenge, finding inspiration in the fanciful invention drawings of Da Vinci, and then testing out our most practical visions for safe landing.

Ages 5-9 with Ilana Friedman
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In this course, students learn to do philosophy by engaging in extended critical discourse with their peers on many of the traditional questions of the Western philosophical tradition.   In each session, we will focus on the philosophical questions presented in a short passage that we will read together.  Students will then be asked to elaborate on these issues, to take positions, and formulate and evaluate arguments in an effort to better understand the scope and depth of the issue and its relevance to everyday life.  Topics will include traditional issues of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics, introducing students to questions such as “Are numbers real?” “What does it mean to know something?” “What exists in a world without sentient beings?” and “Can we know that killing is wrong?”  We will focus on developing the skills and dispositions needed for critical, caring, and creative thinking through regular philosophical practice in a social context.  There will be no mandatory writing or exams, but rather a consistent emphasis on learning how to engage in extended and substantive intellectual discourse.

Ages 10-18 with Dan Fisherman
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Intro to Law
What is law? Where does law come from? What is government? Why do people vote? What is a contract? Why can’t I punch people? These are the types of questions we will be exploring during Introduction to the Law, a 12-week course.

Self-governance requires a baseline knowledge of the law among citizens. This course aims to introduce the law to our next generation of citizens so that they are best prepared to engage with the world around them. Introduction to the Law is about building an appreciation for the fact that laws exist, and that they absolutely will affect your life.

Ages 10-18 with Joseph Linksman
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Intro to Architecture
What is architecture, and how do we make buildings?  In this class students will take a concept and a site and develop it into a building.  As part of this we will explore many of the components that go into a building and how they will effect your design, from structure down to how you present it to the public so that they love your idea.  Because you will love your idea you will probably want to spend time outside of class working on it.

Ages 10-18 with Jon Moss
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Multimedia Studio Art
This hands-on class will emphasize materials, the experience of making art, and the importance of authenticity. Materials introduced will include charcoal, ink, watercolor, and tempera. More detailed description coming soon.

Ages 10-18 with Kathy Moss
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