A Day at RHC

Our programming is constantly changing to reflect our members’ interests and passions. Students and parents submit proposals for classes and studies and our programming committee fits them in to our weekly schedule. Here is one sample of a possible day at RHC.

Art Table10-12, 1-3open studySocial Hall
Legos10-12, 1-3open studySocial Hall
Bees10-12open studySocial Hall
Charcoal Still Life10-12open studySocial Hall
World Cultures10-12open studySocial Hall
Outside Play10-12, 1-3-Outside
Quiet Room10-12, 1-3-Classroom
Leprechaun Traps1-3open studySocial Hall
Animal Skulls1-3open studySocial Hall
Philosophy1-2 tweens, 2-3 teenspro classLibrary
Garden Club1-2group studyOutside
Brainstorming Solutions to Community Problems2-3group studyClassroom