Rivertown Homeschoolers Cooperative (RHC) is a family-centered and inclusive homeschooling and unschooling cooperative for families from Beacon, NY and beyond. We seek to nurture each child’s passions and interests in a rich learning environment while also building a strong web of connection and support between students and their families.

Our offerings are member-driven, and include classes led by both co-op members and professional teachers as well as a variety of activities that students can choose to participate in when they are not taking classes. Students are encouraged to follow their interests and are given the space to work both independently and collaboratively, and all our offerings and activities are non-compulsory.

RHC is a welcoming place for students across race, class, and gender, and we welcome students across the LGBTQIA spectrum. Our upper classrooms are currently only accessible by staircase, though other areas are ramp accessible. Please contact us if accessibility is an issue.

RHC is run democratically by member families with students from age 5-18. Alternative member options available to independent teens.

We are currently full for the 2019-2020 school year, except for teenagers. If you have an interested teenager, or would like to be placed on our waiting list for younger children, please contact us: info@rivertownhomeschoolers.org